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Stories and images 
by Jim Waldron
I never imagined myself going to Russia, especially by train. After eight months in Asia, Russia seemed like Utopia. Paved roads, recently made automobiles, and hoardes of Caucasians. It was the first place in many months where I didn't feel the need to triple-wash my fruit before eating it. I was well-fed in Siberia, and entertained till daylight in Moscow. 


Eventually I will
catch up on my stories from Russia, I promise. 


Some favorites
RuMos_StPetersAb1LR.jpg 1.5KRuSi_LitsBaikalLR.jpg 1.2KRuSi_LitsLudmillasLR.jpg 1.5KRuMos_RedSqLeninstombLR1.jpg 1.4KRuMos_YoungDress1.jpg 1.6K
RuSi_LitsFishLadyLR.jpg 1.5KRuSi_LitsBoatsReflectionLR.jpg 1.1KRuMos_AirportNumbers1.jpg 1.4KRuMoscow_facade1.jpg 1.9KRuSi_LitsGreenWindowsLR.jpg 1.6K
RuMos_AirportCeiling1.jpg 1.3KRuMos_Duck1BestPour.jpg 1.6KRuMos_CommuterTrain1.jpg 1.7KRuMoscow_LeninPoser1.jpg 1.8K

See them all at once
Look at thumbnails of all the photographs from Siberia, Moscow, RedSquare, or Nightlife in this country. 
Each picture was made with the Agfa ePhoto 1280 digital camera. 

Litsvyanka, Siberia 
A two day trip by train from Mongolia left me in Siberia and the capable hands of Elena my tour guide from Irkutsk. Accompanied by twelve fellow travellers we hopped in a van and were whisked to Litsvyanka, on the shores of Lake Baikal, the oldest, longest, deepest and cleanest lake on the planet. Litsvyanka is a small village devoted to fishing and vacationing. We stayed with an old couple we named Mama and Papa Ludmilla. After feeding ourselves on packaged noodles during the train journey, the Ludmillas feasts were immense, each of us adding long forgotten pounds to our bellies. 

Looking at Litsvyanka
GreenWindows - windows defined the village, with each unique as the owners 
WhiteWindows - another window view of the village 
House - more windows in the village 
Fence - surrounding the grounds of the Orthodox church 
Lada - the russian auto against a wood fence 
Ludmillas - waiting for us to get ready for dinner 
mamaLudmilla - our host and grandmother Ludmilla 
PapaLudmilla - Ludmillas husband, Papa Ludmilla 
MadLudmilla - telling off one of us for being out too late 
FishLady - the local vendor of raw fish 
ShopLadies - happily(?) selling fish 
Salesgirl - in Irkutsk market 
Bartender - young, efficient, without humor 
Meat - selling meat at the main market in Irkutsk
Campfire - backpackers telling lies 
Baikal - from the bow of the ferry 
BaikalSail - sunset sailing on Lake Baikal 
BoatBow - at the port and center of town 
BoatColors - twins except for paint 
AnclhorAb - an anchor on weatherbeaten boat 
BoatsReflection - in bay at sunse 
RoundWindows - boat protholes in the late summer sun 

Diving Lake Baikal at Litsvyanka
James - me in a drysuit ready to drop into 40 degree water 
Pearce - Pierce ready to go into Baikal 
Dive - the research staff suiting up 
JimnPearce - Pierce and I ready for action 
Boat - a big craft for two divers no? 
PearceBino - checking for fresh-water seals 
JimEmerging - frozen but coo-looking 
Staff - the chase boat on our dive 

Red Square and the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia
A short stay in Moscow usually leads tourists to downtown and the Red Square/Kremlin areas. Given all the history behind these buildings it's a wonder that everyone mostly sits about and has their portraits taken in front of the bricks. On my summer day trips to the square it is hard to imagine it as the same place that witnessed years of military equipment parades, perhaps the most lasting impressions I had of the country until now. 

Red Square
General - general in charge of red army during ww2 
Overall - St. Peters Church 
Cops - police at Lenin's tomb 
ChurchEaves - arches in red 
Morning - sunrise at north end of square 
Windows - windows at square 
Tourists - trendy tourists 
GombWindows - Gomb department store windows 
Ab4Clouds - church with clouds 
Clock - Kremlin clock from square 
Wide - the wide view of the square at dusk 
Nameplate - love that alphabet 
Statue - in front of the church 
Ab1 - the most well known architecture in Russia 
Over2Clds - church with clouds 
Leninstomb - abstract of the stonework 
SelfPortrait - me and St. Pete's 

Kremlin Churches

Around Town, Moscow, Russia
I noticed the color in Moscow at once. I always imagined the city as one big grey, windy, concrete grid. In fact, it's quite lovely, with lots of european architecture, stylish inhabitants and questionably financed luxury cars zooming about. Also, the young people of Moscow are not the drab, downtrodden youths we Westerners might expect. There is a vibrant, stylish culture surrounding the entire downtown, that is quite a breath of fresh air after the backroads of Asia.. 

YoungDnG - brand loyalty is fashion 
YoungDress - wild dress in traditional soviet place 
YoungSmoker - stylish and smoking at thirteen 
YoungSveta - Sveta: cropped, dyed, and employed as an animator 
YoungBullseye - wild dress abstract 
LeninPoser - gotta earn a living somehow. H gets paid to look like Lenin 
NightHorse. - shadow on the square 
hiClassStore. - Ikea it ain't. Posh department store interior 
NightDomeAbs - lighted dome clock downtown 
facade - architectural abstract at sunrise 
MonestarySteeples - behind the Bolshoi 
NightWindows - at the square 
NightDome - lighted dome clock downtown 
CommuterTrain - remnant of the CCCP at Mockba train station 
NetCafe - a nice one, just opened in downtown 
AirportNumbers - abstract of gate entrances Moscow airport 
AirportCeiling - abstract of ceiling Moscow airport 
AirportCeilingBig - abstract of ceiling entrances Moscow airport 
GovWindows - french architecture in downtown Moscow 

Moscow, Russia, The Hungry Duck
Every big city has it's bar-of-the-moment. In Moscow the most notorious, if not the most popular, is the Hungry Duck Bar and Grill. Every expatriate I met in town would grin widely and groan at the same time when asked about the Duck. Purely for journalistic curiosity I visited and was met with a truly unexpected scene. Decadent? Unruly? Heaven? Check it out for yourself, but be warned of some nudity and lots of beer. 

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