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Stories and images 
by Jim Waldron
Trying to avoid the Monsoon, I visited Nepal, against the guidebooks recommendations, in mid-May. It turned out all right. Take a look at the photographs, or read the journal of an 8 day trek in search of the flighty view of Fish-Tail. 


In search of the wiley Fish-Tail
Eight days trekking around Mardi Himal 
Fighting off leeches and cloudcover with the tenderfoot's friends


Some favorites

See them all at once
Look at thumbnails of all the photographs from this country. 
Each picture was made with the Agfa ePhoto 1280 digital camera. 

Sprawl. that's what I noticed about Kathmandu right away. The buildings look like someone threw a bucket of dice onto the countryside and they sprouted where they landed.The ride from the airport is interesting for the drivers constant vigilance for speeding busses, bicycles, and lounging cows, holy in Nepal. 

Bikes - Clog the narrow streets. 
Traffic Jam. - Not wide streets. 
Public Transport. - Tight fit, but goes anywhere. 
Durbar Market - Focal point of downtown 
Salesmen. - Shopkeeper in Durbar Square. 
Holy Man 1 - Posing for Rupees. 
Holy Man 2
Bodhnath Stupa - Largest in Nepal. 
Bodhnath Stupa - Buddha is watching. 
Candles - Inside the monestery. 
MonkeyTemple - Perched over Kathmandu. 
Monkey Temple 2
Monkey Temple 3
Clouds. - Ten minutes till thunderstorms. 

Not far from Kathmandu is the village of Baktapur, which has all the cultural delights of the capital, and very little of the crowding, activity, and noise. 

My guides - Their business is overcharging tourists. 
Nyatapola Temple - See the movie Little Buddha. 
Pottery Square - Six hours of production on view. 
Door Carving - Baktapur is know for it's woodcarving prowess. 
Wool coloring - Drying skeins for trade. 
Wall Abstract - I don't know, you figure it out. 

Mardi Himal Trek
The brochure promised "breath-taking views." Eight travellers and myself, followed by twenty-five staff, endure a harrowing trek up to 5100 meters, mostly through the clouds. Read the daily account if you dare. 

Day 1, Dhampus
Sunrise - I never get up this early. 
Sunrise - Ok, the scenery is lovely. 
Sunrise - Are we finished with the sunrise stuff?. 
Postcard Fodder - Bird, stone wall, mountains, sunrise. Hello Hallmark? 
Temple Sunset - Ok, this is really nice, and we came up that? 
Villagers - Attending a death celebration. 
Villagers - Family of the dead man. 

Day 2, Forest Camp
Campsite - Rainy but cozy in the moss. 
Goats - Who knew they'd keep us up all night? 

Day 3, Low Camp
Campsite - Welcome home after the first leech attacks. 
First Mountain View - After two days of clouds, proof they exist 

Day 4 and 5, High Camp
Zen - Sunrise stretching. 
Fish Tail At Last - Five am or you miss it. 
Annapurna South - Clouds parting just for us. 
Annapurna South - A clear view at last. 
Breakfast - Full service food with a view. 
Cooking Staff - On the mountainside. 
Climbing - Three hours up to 5100 m.. 
Rest Stop - Short on breath, long on scenery. 
Clouds - Beautiful by themselves. 
Happy Author - Nice shave? 
Tea - The author looking manly. 
Pasture - Lots of flowers when the sun is out. 
Steep Climb - The porters don't carry YOU. 
My office - On the mountainside. 
The Postcard tells the story - Looked good in the brochure. 

Day 6, Siding Village
Camp - Flat, and near a river. 
Chillin - Evening spirits with the fathers. 
Cows - But on the front porch of home. 
Granny - Still at work late in life. 
Happy Man - Photographs are still a novelty, he likes them. 
House - Neat, with a polished dirt floor. 
Homeboy - Not as scary as he looks. 
Happy Author - Blessed by the villagers. 
Wheat Mill - High Tech Nepalese-style. 
Happy Mom - Posed, but pleasant. 
Rush Hour - Coming home from the fields. 
Way home - Quiet walk. 
Concert - Native dance for the tourist 
Wall Abstract

Day 7, Gurung Village
Author at work - Office with a view. 
Camp View
Curious Boys - First view of a computer. 
Technology fans - I'm swarmed by village boys. 
River Bed - Long walk on a long river. 
View from Camp - Towards Pokhara and a warm shower. 

Day 8, Pokhara
Downtown - Two local transportaion forms. 
Hill Village - Road through town. 
Lakeview - Swimmers and Water Buffalo. 
Wheat Mill - High Tech Nepalese-style. 

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